A book about a child discovering unexpected helpers along her very challenging journey.
A book for all ages, because we all need helpers.

Story and Illustrations by Nate Long "Owl" and published by Blue Eye Art.
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"This review is from: Helpers (Kindle Edition)
This sweet little book is a wonderful addition to anyone's bedtime reading library. It is especially relevant to children today, who are not as familiar or friendly with nature as we once were. It is a wonderful introduction to archetypes, and the kind of guidance from nature that we all can benefit from. I highly recommend it."

"This beautiful book tugs on the heartstrings, because we have all felt lost and alone. It may have been written as a children's book; but I watch tears stream down the face of an adult as she read it. The illustrations are beautiful and reach right into your soul. The words and pictures captured and held the attention of my 4 year old grandson, who still has trouble sitting still and listening."

"Helpers is a book for all ages. When I read it to my 5 year old granddaughter, she commented that the author was so creative to have a cave and tree talking. And she liked it. It opened up an opportunity for us to talk about what a helper is, and how they come in many forms."

"Helpers by Nate Long "Owl" is a story that reaches beyond our humanity to the smallest grain of sand, or the tiniest drop of water, or an inkling of a new green leaf. We all want and need help sometimes. This book, in its beautifully simple storyline and stunning illustrations, offers hope and love in times of need, in times of fear, in times of doubt, helplessness, longing, loneliness, challenge.
This book teaches us to ask for help, for in this vast community and cosmos there are Helpers. Thank You!"